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Krishna Jayanthi 2021: Day 1 - Arrival of Lord Krishna

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

This August month (Aavani ) we will celebrate Krishna Jayanthi So, we're going to see some stories of Lord Sri Krishna from Srimath Bhagavatam until the end of this month.

ebrate Krishna Jayanthi So, we're going to see some stories of Lord Sri Krishna from   Srimath Bhagavatam until the end of this month.
Krishna Jayanthi 2021

Day 1 - Arrival of Lord Krishna

Once upon a time, at the end of Threthayugam earth was full of Asuras, many of them destroyed nature, dharma and killed many pandits and their ashrams, this makes Mother Earth so sad and went to Shatyalogam shared her problems with Lord Bramha, and he immediately moved to milk ocean with Devas and narrated Earth's sorrow to Lord Vishnu. Lord heard Bramha's screaming words and said comfort words to Devas and Bramha. He announced that He and Adisheshan will take birth on Earth as a Son of Vasudeva and Devaki, and destroy all asuras and again establish Dharma on Earth, and ordered Devas to take birth in Birundhavanam to help him.

On Earth, Devakar married her Daughter Devaki to Vasudeva the Son of Surasena who is the King of Mathura, after the marriage, Devaki's brother Kamsa who is an Asura with all Evil characteristics went along with Newly Couples and Dowry to protect them. On the way to Mathura, a Devil sound was heard in Clouds that says to Kamsa that you're foolish, you're taking your death sentence with you to Mathura, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva will be the reason for your death, by hearing Devil's words Kamsa became so angry and tried to kill her using his sword but, Vasudeva stopped Kamsa and instructed him many good words and changed his mind temporarily by giving idea to kill his eighth son but Kamsa did not give approval to this and locked them in dark jail and captured Mathura City by arresting King Surasena.

After some days Kamsa killed Devaki's six children one by one and waiting for the eighth son. At this time Lord Vishnu decided to take birth as Devaki's eighth son, So he called Yogamaya and gave her two jobs, one is to remove Devaki's seventh child (Aadhiseshan) from her belly and insert it to Rohini the first wife of Vasudeva who is hiding in Gokulam village and help Vasudeva to carry his eighth child (Lord Krishna) to Gokulam village and keep near to Yasodha, and take birth as Yesodha's daughter and return along with Vasudeva to Mathura and act as the eighth female children and warn Kamsa about his death.

Yogamaya started her work by this time, Lord Sri Krishna appeared in front of Vasudeva and Devaki and told them I am going to take birth as a child for the third time as your boon given by me.

On Aavani month, Rohini nakshatra Lord Sri Krishna was born as an eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva at midnight and Bramha, Devas, Mother Earth, and all saints arrived at dark jail and become so happy to see Lord Sri Krishna as a child.

Sri Krishna Leela will continue......

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