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Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Day 3 - Lord Krishna Kills witch Buudhana

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi 2021, we're going to see some stories of Lord Sri Krishna from Srimath Bhagavatam, reading and hearing Krishna's story will destroy all sins and release us from the Wheel of Time.

After hearing Yogamaya's words Kamsa got confused and ordered soldiers to search and kill all children which born before one month and gave crueller punishments to Vasudeva and Devaki to know about the child's secret but they don't know anything about it, Kamsa's soldiers searched and killed many newborn children in their territory, many sages and well-wishers of Kamsa advised stopping this sin actions will give you the heaven, but he didn't let his ears to their words.

In Gokulam village, Nandhar and Yesoda were happy to due to their child's birth (Krishna) and Rohini also gave birth to another male child (Aadhisesha), this makes the whole village into a festive mode, after few days both newborn children had Naming Ceremony in Gokulam's Cheif sage of Aashram, Chief Sage of Mathura also participated in the ceremony secretly without the knowledge of Kamsa, the function has done simply in Aashram because of Kamsa's troops.

After the naming ceremony, Nandhar arrived at Kamsa's Palace to Pay the monthly tax and was informed about his children's birth. This news gave him a shock so, he thinks that is the child who was born to kill him. Kamsa decided to kill Krishna but, He does not want to involve directly or by his soldiers, so he called Boodhana who is a giant witch, Kamsa ordered her to kill Krishna who is born in Gokulam village.

Boodhana carries Kamsa's order and changed her appearance as a beautiful women sage and went to Gokulam village, due to her outer appearance nobody got doubt about her, so she easily entered Nandhar's house and introduced herself to Yasoda and Nandhar as woman sage from the Himalayas, Yasoda did good hospitality and gave Krishna to bless him also Krishna lied on her lap and Lord Krishna considered Boodhana as one of his mothers, Yasoda has gone to prepare food to her. When the moment Yasoda moved to the kitchen, Boodhana decided to give him poison mixed up milk through her breast.

Buudhana started to feed her milk, Lord Krishna also begin to drink normally, but after sometimes she started to scream and back to her original appearance because Krishna slowly drinking milk also sucking her life, she cried and ran out of the village and died at the forest near river Yamuna.

Yasoda, Nandhar and Villagers become so scared to see the body of Buudhana, it covers half of the forest and villagers climb on the body and took Krishna from her and returned Krishna to Yasoda.

Nandhar with the help of villagers begin to cut Buddhana's giant body and it took a week to dispose of her body and finished all her funeral rituals.

Krishna Leela will continue......

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