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Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Day 4 - Lord Krishna Kills Thrunavarta (The WhirlWind Demon)

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi 2021, we're going to see some stories of Lord Sri Krishna from Srimath Bhagavatam, reading and hearing Krishna's story will destroy all sins and release us from the Wheel of Time.

After Krishna killed the witch Buudhana, Kamsa concluded that Krishna is the child who was born to kill him. In Gokul Village, Sri Krishna celebrated his first year birthday

Kamsa called one of his servants Thrunavarta, a whirlwind demon who helped Kamsa in many battles. Kamsa ordered Thrunavarta to kill Krishna in Gokulam village, he also carried Kamsa's order and arrived at Gokulam,

In Gokulam village, Yasoda felt the difference in Krishna weight and lied him on the floor and got busy with many works so she has forgotten about Krishna.

Krishna was playing with Balaram in the corridor of the house, suddenly a cloud of a heavy dust storm attacked the entire Vrindavan, the people can't open their eyes, Goopikaas and Yasoda did not able to find Krishna and Balram.

Thrunavarta carried Krishna in his hands and started to fly high in the sky while carrying Krishna, Thrunavarta felt so much weight on him, so he cannot able to fly further, Lord Krishna strangulated his neck, pushed him down to the floor and hold it tight and killed him, after few moments Nandhar and Yesoda found Krishna while Krishna playing on the dead body of Thrunavarta with help of villagers and returned Krishna to his Mother Yasoda, After this incident, Nandhar becomes so sad about Krishna's protection and Yesoda become so worried about Krishna.

This news reached King Kamsa also Vasudeva and they were shocked. Vasudeva requested Sage Karga who is the chief sage of Mathura and also A Great Astrologer, to Predict Krishna's future by his Horoscope, Sage Karga accepted Vasudeva's request and arrived at Nandhar's house. Nandhar received Sage Karga and did good hospitality, gave him food, and asked the reason for a reason to visit him, Nandhar requested Sage Karga to bless Krishna and Balaram, Sage Karga saw those children and feel that they are the Incarnation of God Vishnu and Aadhisesha.

Sage Karga after doing much research on Krishna's horoscope, and shared results about Krishna's feature to Nandhar, Sage Karga says "Krishna will face many struggles and will face and kill many demons, Krishna has all the features of Lord Vishnu and don't get worried about him also he will do many wonders in the world."

Yasoda and Nandhar become so happy and surrendered themself to Lord Krishna. Krishna blessed both of them and erased their memories of Vishwaroopa Dharishanam.

Krishna Leela will continue.......

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