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Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Day 2 - Lord Krishna moved to Gokulam Village

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi 2021, we're going to see some stories from Srimath Bhagavatam about Lord Krishna for the Gokulashtami.

In the month of Aavani and Rohini nakshatra, Lord Krishna was born in the Dark Jail at the midnight, when he was born, the earth looks peaceful, stars are very bright, the skies look clear, excess water flows in all water bodies, the sages feel the Lakshmi's grace in their ashram.

Devaki and Vasudeva become so happy to see Lord Vishnu as their child and suddenly Yogamaya appears in front of Vasudeva and says that "You should carry Krishna and leave it near Nandhar's wif e Yasoda in Gokulam village and return to Mathura along with a female child which is born to Yasoda."

Vasudeva carries Yogamaya's order and Krishna to Gokulam village which is located across the river Yamuna fr om Mathura at midnight, Yogamaya used her power and make all soldiers become an unconscious state, and released Vasudeva's handcuffs, so he started to move towards Gokulam, at the border of Mathura, river Yamuna flows at very high speed with great depth due to heavy rain with lightning and thunder, Aadhisesha came and protected from rainfall and acted as a Umberlaa.

Vasudeva decided to keep Krishna at his head and started to cross the river, but after a while, the river water raised to his head and touched Lord Krishna's feet. Krishna ordered the river Yamuna to give him the way to cross the river, so she gave the way to Vasudeva.

After crossing the river Yamuna, he reached Gokulam Village and came to Nandhan's house at midnight, he entered the house without others knowledge, before few hours Yasoda gave birth to a female child and slept due to tired. As Yogamaya's words, Vasudeva kept Krishna near Yasoda and took that female child along with him to Mathura and kept the child near Devaki.

Again Yogamaya appeared in front of Vasudeva and erased the memories of Krishna's birth secret and again tied his hands with handcuffs and released the soldiers from their unconscious state. Now All of them didn't know what happened and heard the crying voice of a child.

After knowing the news of the Child's birth, Kamsa arrived at Jail along with his ministers and soldiers and uprooted the child from Devaki and knowing that the child is a female and got confused, but decided to kill the child. Vasudeva and Devaki tried to convince Kamsa that how can a female child can kill you but Kamsa did not ready to hear any of their words.

Kamsa came out of Jail, he be

gan to kill that child, suddenly that female child flew into the air and turned as Yogamaya and says that "I'm not that eighth child which is born to kill you, but the child is has been born in the world safely, but I'm here to warn about your death." and disappeared After hearing these words Kamsa become so fearful and confused.

Sri Krishna Leela will continue.....

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