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Celebration of Srirangam Sri Alagiya Manavala Perumal becomes everyone's "Sri Namperumal" !!

Today, Vaikaasi 17th. 651 years ago, on the 17th of Vaikasi, the year of Paritabi (1371), Sri Alagiya Manavala Perumal, went into 48 years of exile, due to invasion and returned to Srirangam as Sri Namperumal of Srirangam.

History of the Alagiya Manavala Perumal left Srirangam Temple:

In South India in the 1300s, The Muslim invasion of Tamil Nadu, in particular, was brutal. Various temples were demolished and looted; Idols and expensive ornaments were looted. Many peoples were forcibly converted. People who refused to convert were killed by them.

In that sense, in the year 1323, In the month of Panguni, the forces of the Muslim king (Muhammad bin Tughlaq) by the name of Ulukkan besieged Srirangam. Sriranganatha Perumal Ursavar Alagiya Manavala Perumal, on the eighth day of the Panguni festival, had seen the departure and awoke at the Panniyarvan Sannidhi in Vadathirukkaveri.

(Above Thavarasan Staircase - The bridegrooms were in front of the king. The shrine was destroyed in the attack.) The news came that Muslim forces were approaching near Samayapuram. Immediately, Sripillai Lokasarya and the other Acharya Purushas, ​​who had risen there, screened for Perumal and set off towards the south, waking up Perumal and the Upaya Nachimas at Pallak.

Twelve thousand Srivaishnavas riot at Panniyalvan Sannidhi:

The 12000 devotees who had gathered there in large numbers at the Panniyalvan Sannidhi did not know all this. They were waiting for the time to make special decorations for Perumal. After a while, the Muslim forces came that way towards Srirangam. The assembled devotees dared not let them inside. The Muslim forces brutally slaughtered them all mercilessly. To protect the Perumal, the 12000 Sri Vaishnavas sacrificed their lives.

On Elephant Hill, and Perumal!

Pillai Lokasaryar Koshti, who went to the south, was an astrologer near Madurai They went to a place called (Kodikkulam) and the Alagiya Manvala Perumal, The Upaya Nachimaars, and stayed there for a few years, waking up in a cave at the back of the Anaimalai. Pillai Lokasaryar, who also performed the Nithya Thiruvarathanas well there. He attained Paramapadham there.

Perumal went into forests and hills⁇

His disciples took Namperumal and went further south, via the

Malayalam nation (Kerala), to Karnataka (Melkote) and from there to

Chandragiri (Tirupati) Tirumalai.

1323 March - Srirangam

1323-1325 April-July - Jyotishkudi

1325-26 - Kozhikode

1326-27 - Thrikadambapura (Thirukkanambi)

1327-28 - Melkote through Punganur

1328-43 - Melkote (15 years)

1344-70 - Chandragiri Forests / Thirumalai (26 years)

1371 - Chenji, Alagiyamanavalam village, Srirangam.

Of the families of Thiruthalvaarai Sacrifice ⁇

When the disciples of Sripillai Lokacharya went to many places with great difficulty to take the beautiful bridegroom, many died (due to old age/disease). Only three members of the Dasar family survived to the present day. Gurukurdasar, his brother-in-law Viliputhurdasar and Gurukurdasar's son Sriramadasar are the only three. They went to Tirupati, took Namperumal and went into the dense

Chandragiri forest, knowing that there was danger there as well.

Of these, Gurugurdasar risked his life for Perumal, and when he descended from the ridge of the mountain to defend Namperumal from the Turks, he fell and took his own life. Viliputhur Dasar, who saw this, died when the elder died.

For eighteen years, the third person, Sri Ramadasar, without a companion to speak in the Chandragiri forest alone, held Siddha Brahma and spoke only to the Perumal, sacrificing the fruits/tubers found in the forest to the Perumal, living and manipulating the stage in such a way that no the defect could occur !!

Vallapan and Dattan search for the stage.

Of the Perumal to the Sinhalese Asking for signs and finally finding out that he was in the Chandragiri forest, he went there and told the Vijayanagara emperor, Kampanna, The Alagiya Manavala Perumal came to Thirumalai.

The Alagiya Manavala Perumal has arrived! "Namperumal! Namperumal !!"

Gopanna Udayar, the ruler of Chenji, awoke the alagiya manavaala perumal from Thirumalai to Srirangam (after a few days of worship in Chenji.) 48 Years later, 1371

Namperumal returned to Thiruvarangam on the 17th of Vaikasi, a tragic year. None of the priests/staff who served in the temple 48 years ago were alive then.

Most of the Srivaishnavas in Srirangam was not. Intermediate At the time, they were dedicating another Perumal and worshipping him as the Alagiya Manavala Perumal. No one was ready to believe that Adi Perumal was there. So 48 years later, Perumal, No one was ready to think that Adi Perumal was there. Therefore, Perumal was not allowed inside the temple immediately !! Not only that, many people shouted at the Rev. Sri Ramadasara that he had "come to cause chaos".

Outside the Aryabhata gate, Kulasekaran awoke at the Thirumangai

Alwar Mandapam in Srirangam Temple.

A 93-year-old blind man from the Erangolli (Vannar) family, who washes clothes for Perumal came to the temple and said that with Perumal's wet theertham, he could tell whether Perumal is the exact old idol, was an Alagiya Manavala Perumal or not. After Thirumanjanam to the Perumal, the priest came to offer him the wet theertham. Before getting and accepting the theertham, one realizes the smell of

the theertham, He said “This is Our Perumal!!! This is Our Perumal " He jumped in excitement. 'Namperumal' is celebrated by the elder The name has stuck to the Alagiya Manavala Perumal. Dedicated in the Middle Ages, Ursavar Perumal, nicknamed 'Thiruvaranga Maligaiyar', serves Namperumal on the left side

of the temple Karbhagraha.

Namperumal summoned Sri Ramadasara, the resurrected Pandyan, to his throne in the great temple with the Upaya Nachimaars. He blessed all the rows —theertham, sadari, sandalwood, parivattam, and offerings — with the blessing of "Tiruthalvarai Dasar". Since then to the Kodavar family, He was given the title of 'Thiruthazhvarai Dasar'.

Our Namperumal, who performed Sri Ramaphran Thiruvarathana, faces many hardships in an alien/wilderness like Rama, and tears well up when we consider that Rama returned to Ayodhya and returned to Srirangam! Thousands of lives to save Namperumal May we are forever indebted to (servants who do not know their names)! We are obliged to worship and glorify them forever.

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