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Story of Srirangam Sri Namperumal's Nachiyar Thirukolam in Vaikuntha Ekadashi Festival

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

One of the Important festivals of Srirangam Sri RanganathaSwami Temple is Vaikuntha Ekadashi Utsavam, this festival is celebrated for twenty-two days, it is also called Periya Thirunal which means Big Festival and one of its important events is Sri Namperumal's Nachiyar Thirukolam. In this blog Let us know more about Sri Namperumal's Nachiyar Thirukolam.

Nachiyar Thirukolam - One of the Special Dharshinams:

Srirangam Vaikuntha Ekadashi Utsavam will be celebrated for twenty-two days in the Tamil months of Karthigai and Maargali. This Vaikuntha Ekadashi Festival is celebrated due to Sri Namperumal's will and wish to hear Nalayira Divyaprapandhams of Twelve Alwars. Srirangam Vaikuntha Ekadashi Festival was created by Thirumangai Alwar, after many years the Nalayira Divyaprapandhams was recreated with Music and Thaalam (Music Instrument) by Naadhamunigal and after so many years Sri Ramanujacharya has changed a few things in this Vaikuntha Ekadashi Festival and till now it is followed in Srirangam Sri RanganathaSwami Temple.

One of the important events of Srirangam Vaikuntha Ekadashi Utsavam is Nachiyar Thirukolam it is celebrated on the tenth day of the Vaikuntha Ekadashi festival in the first ten days of Thirumozhi Thirunal. Nachiyar Thirukolam is also called "Mohini Alankaram"

History and Story of Nachiyar Thirukolam:

Once upon a time, One of the main sishyas of Ramanuja called KurathAlwan with Lord Sri Ranganatha's blessings KurathAlwan's wife Andal gave birth to two sons called Parasara Bhatter and Vedhavyasa Bhatter respectively. They were named by Sri Ramanujacharya and grew up as very wise persons in Srirangam.

Sri Parasa Bhatter is had a great Bhakthi towards Sri Namperumal and Sri Ranganachiyar but, Parasa Bhatter is always wanted to be with Sri Ranganachiyar and they have grown up in Srirangam temple, Sri Parasa Bhatter always has a huge Bhakthi and Trust on Sri Ranagnachiyar than Namperumal. Even though Sri Namperumal likes the attitude of Parasara Bhatter and Namperumal had a doubt on Parasara Bhatter that is why he is so affectionate towards Ranganachiyar.

One day Lord Namperumal asked Parasara Bhatter that why he is so much bhakthi and affectionate towards Ranganachiyar?. Parasara Bhatter replied to Namperumal that Sri Ranaganachiyar is the mother to the whole universe and she will definitely never leave her children and always showers kindness towards her devotees and He said Namperumal can't be compared with Sri Ranganachiyar. Namperumal got angered and challenged Parasara Bhatter that He is equal in look and characteristics of Sri Ranganachiyar.

On the next day, Sri Namperumal ordered kainkaryabarals to bring the ornaments and dress from Sri Ranaganachiyar, and Sri Namperumal had turned and made himself and did alangaram like Sri Ranaganachiyar and gave darshan to Parasara Bhatter and he is so much attracted towards the beauty of Namperumal. Namperumal asked Parasara Bhatter that "Now you say your opinion about this alangaram, as am I equal Ranganachiyar now?" Parasara Bhatter replied to Namperumal that "As look wise you're perfect and so much beautiful, you're giving your beauty to beautiful ornaments but your eyes are not equal eyes Ranganchiyar, Namperumal eyes have both anger and kind but Ranganachiyar eyes is full of kind and love towards his children, Namperumal will punish his devotees but Ranganachiyar will forget all our mistakes and recommend Namperumal to give Vaikuntha Prapthi to all devotees who have trusted Ranganachiyar.

This is the story behind the Nachiyar Thirukolam event in Srirangam Vaikuntha Festival, the final value of the story is according to Sri Vaishnava Samrudhayam, Lordess Ranganachiyar was believed, trusted, worshipped, devoted and devotees by many devotees and peoples also surrender their soul to her and Ranganachiyar is the only person who will forgives all our mistakes and accept them in her feet and make them do service in the lotus feet of Sri Nmaperumal.

Sri Renganaathaya Namha:

Sri Renganayakiye Namha:

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

Jai Sriman Narayana:

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