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History of Sri Vaishnava Alvars - Kulasekhara Alvar A Great Devotee of Rama Part - I

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Kulasekhara Alvar is a Great King of the Chera Dynasty who follows Sri Vaishnava Philosophy and Kulasekhara Alvar is also one of the twelve Alwars. Kulasekhara Alvar is also called Kulasekhara Perumal this shows the level of devotion that He has to Lord Vishnu.

History Of Kulasekhara Alvar:

Kulasekhara Alvar was born in a place called Thiruvanchikalam which is located near Thrissur. Kulasekhara Alvar is from the Traditional Sri Vaishnava family, Kulasekhara Alvar was born in the Tamil month of Maasi - Punarpoosam. Kulasekhara Alvar is an incarnation of the Kowsthuba Mani jewellery which is placed on the chest of Lord Vishnu.

Birth of Kulasekhara Alvar:

Kulasekhara Alvar was born in a Glory Royal Family of Chera Kings. Once In Chera Dynasty, a King called Dhidavirathan who is a great warrior, intellectual, kind towards people, ruled the kingdom in Dharma Path, also a Great Devotee of Lord Vishnu.

After Some Years with the Blessings of Lord Vishnu King Dhidavirathan was blessed with a beautiful child in the late 18th century on the date of Maasi - Punarpoosam on the Sukla Paksha Ekadashi in Magara Laknam. King Dhidavirathan named that child Kulasekharan which means the person who brings out the glory for his family.

At the age of Five Kulasekhara Alvar want to Gurukul and learned all the 63 arts and Kulasekhara Alvar was mastered in Poetry and War Tactics. Kulasekhara Alvar becomes a great Warrior and a Poet, Kulasekhara Alvar has learned the Vedas and Moral Studies.

Kulasekhara Alvar - King of Chera Dynasty:

At the age of Sixteen Kulasekhara Alvar become a Prince of the Chera Dynasty, after the period of his father Dhidavirathan, Prince Kulasekhara Alvar become the King of the Chera Dynasty, Kulasekhara Alvar has ruled the kingdom in the way of Dharma, Kulasekhara Alvar stood by the side of Kind and Truth.

The Kings of Chola and Pandya become greedy on the way of ruling the kingdom led by Kulasekhara Alvar, so they declared war on Chera Dynasty but Kulasekhara Alvar has won the war and Kulasekhara Alvar become the powerful King of South India. By respecting the power of Kulasekhara Alvar the king of the Pandya dynasty arranged marriage to Kulasekhara Alvar with his daughter. Kulasekhara Alvar is very much interested in War and Marriage Life and Ruling the Kingdom.

Kulasekhara Alvar - Devotee of Lord Sri Rama

After a few years, Kulasekhara Alvar was started to spend the time by Stories of Lord Vishnu, he was so much interested in Lord Vishnu and spend his time thinking about playful acts of Lord Sri Krishna and sometimes Kulasekhara Alvar enacted and composed songs on Lord Krishna as his mother, lover, and as his friend.

Kulasekhara Alvar become interested in hearing Purana Stories of Lord Vishnu especially Sri Ramayana and Kulasekhara Alvar appointed a Sri Vaishnavite in his court who is mastered in Ramayana, and Kulasekhara Alvar daily started to hear the stories of Ramayana, also spent most of his time with Sri Vaishnavas.

The Ministers of the King's court become frustrated because Kulasekhara Alvar didn't concentrate on the works of the Kingdom and spent most of his time with Sri Vaishnavas, So the ministers decided to separate Kulasekhara Alvar from Sri Vaishnavas and executed a plan to separate them from Kulasekhara Alvar.

Kulasekhara Alvar - Renunciation of Kingdom

One day the Ministers stole an ornament from the Pooja Deity of Kulasekhara Alvar which he worship daily. The Next day Kulasekhara Alvar was noticed that the ornament was missing and become shocked. Kulasekhara Alvar called his ministers and discussed that missing ornament of Perumal.

Ministers told that only Kulasekhara Alvar and Sri Vaishnavites can only enter the Pooja room so they may have stolen the ornament. Kulasekhara Alvar become shocked and replied to Ministers that Sri Vaishnavas are the devotees of Lord Vishnu, they are not interested in these cheap things, they always thinking about the Lord Vishnu, so they won't have any desire on this ornament and they will not steal it.

But Kulasekhara Alvar wanted to prove that Sri Vaishnavas were not theft the ornament, so Kulasekhara Alvar ordered his servant to bring A Pot with a Snake into it. The Ministers become so confused, the servant brought the Snake Pot and Kulasekhara Alvar prayed on Lord Vishnu that "I had the belief that the Sri Vaishnavas didn't steal the ornament If they stole the ornament the snake will bite." and dropped his hand into the pot.

But the snake didn't bite the hand of Kulasekhara Alvar, the ministers surrendered to him and accepted their mistakes. Kulasekhara Alvar also forgot their mistakes after this incident Kulasekhara Alvar become sad and decided to move his devotion to the next level.

The next day, Kulasekhara Alvar declared his Son as the King of the Chera dynasty and instructed his Ministers to guide his son the Dharma Path, Kulasekhara Alvar left his Kingdom and Renunciated all the things such as Kingdom, Palace, Position, Luxury Life, and his wife and started to move on the direction towards Srirangam.......

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