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Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Day 5 - Lord Krishna gave Curse Redemption to Nalakoovaran & Manikrivan.

On the occasion of Krishna Jayanthi 2021, we're going to see some stories of Lord Sri Krishna from Srimath Bhagavatam, reading and hearing Krishna's story will destroy all sins and release us from the Wheel of Time.

One day, Mother Yasoda is busy at her works with her maids, Yasoda was creating Yogurt from Butter, Krishna was very hungry and asked Yasoda to feed her milk, she also understood Krishna's hunger and started to feed milk through her breast by lying to him down on her lap.

After a few moments, In the kitchen, the milk is overflowed which is on the stove, Yesoda dropped Krishna on the floor and gone inside to clean the overflowed milk. Krishna got angry with her mother Yasoda and broke the Butter Pot using a stone and gone outside and sat on the mortar which is in the garden and eating butter with monkeys.

Yasoda got angry with Krishna after seeing the broken butter pot and arrived at the garden with a stick, Krishna felt Yasodha's arrival and escaped from the garden, But mother Yasoda chased Krishna and tied him on the Mortar with the help of a rope to punish him. Yasoda wants Krishna to realize his mistake and gone inside the house.

Now Krishna becomes so sad and looked at Two arjuna tress which is at the Garden, then Lord Krishna remembered the cruse of Sage Naaradha.

Once upon a time, Nalakoovaran and Manikrivan. the sons of Kubera (Lord of Wealth) were in the Lust of Wealth and Women, they enjoyed their life on the wrong path. One day they have entered a Garden near River Ganges without the permission of Lord Shiva, as usual, they drank alcohol and started Playing without clothes in River Ganges with Women. At this time Sage Naaradha crossed over them in the sky, women saw Sage Naaradha and covered their Body with clothes, But After seeing Sage Naaradha, Nalakoovaran and Manikrivan were without their clothes due to their Addiction and Arragont characteristics, Sage Naaradha become so angry and he wants them to realize their mistake and Cursed them to become a Tree.

Nalakoovaran and Manikrivan have realized their mistakes and surrendered Sage Naaradhaa's feet and asked him for a way to Curse Redemption and Sage Naaradha said them a path, " In Duvabara yuga, Lord Vishnu will incarnate as Sri Krishna and he will give you the Curse Redemption" and moved away from the Place.

Lord Krishna has remembered this and Krishna want to protect the words of Sage Naaradha and decided to give them cruse redemption, Lord Krishna moved the Morter towards the in-between of the trees with the help of a rope and crossed the trees, but the Morter didn't able to cross, so Krishna pulled the Mortar forcibly towards his side but the Tress broke down and leaned towards the Ground.

Suddenly Nalakoovaran and Manikrivan appeared from the trees with their original appearance and surrendered under the feet of Lord Krishna and thanked Lord Krishna and returned to their Home.

Krishna Leela will continue........

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