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108 Divya Desam Vishnu Temple History – 04 Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple, Trichy

Many of the Peoples of India may have the darshan of Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple which is located in Trichy, It is the Fourth temple in the line of 108 Divyadesams. Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple is very special to Lakshmi Thayar, Lakshmi Thayar has more greatness than Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal.

This tower is half finished because o some Aagama mistakes did on Nayakas peiod and left as it is
Thiruvellarai Temple Tower - Trichy

Thiruvellarai Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple is also known as Thiruvallarai or SwethaGiri which means White Hill in the Sanskrit Language. Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple is located on a small hill, The Moolavar idol name is Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal, The Utsavar idol name is SenthamaraikKannan Perumal, The Moolavar Lakshmi idol name is Senbagavalli Thayar, The Utsavar Lakshmi idol name is PangajavalliThayar.

Thiruvellarai Perumal Temple Vimanam is known as Vimalakkuruthi Vimanam, Thiruvellarai Temple comes under Chola Nadu Divyadesa Perumal Temples. Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal is faced towards the East direction, Thiruvellarai Temple is known as Sri Varaha Shektharam. Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal has got poems from PeriyAlwar and ThirumangaiAlwar with a total of 24 Poems in NalayiraDivya Prapandha.

History Of Thiruvellarai temple:

Once upon a time, In the period of ThrethaYugam Sibi, a great King of Ayodhaya arrived with his troops and soldiers and stayed at Thiruvellarai for refreshment and rest to his troops. One of the Ministers of King Sibi saw a white Pig in the bush near the place where troops had stayed, Minister tried his best but he can't hunt the white pig, So he informed about this White Pig to King Sibi, King Sibi took his bow and arrow and decided to kill that white pig, but the white pig didn't get hunted by King Sibi and got hidden in Bush.

King Sibi searched in the bushes but, he cannot able to find the White Pig, after some time he found a house of snake and also found Sage Maarkandeya. King Sibi asked Sage Maarkandeya whether he saw the White Pig, Sage Maarakandeya told to King Sibi that He is waiting for King Sibi arrival for so many years, Sage Maarkandeya asked King Sibi to Erose the House of the snake with the Milk, King Sibi also obeyed to Sage Maarkandeya's words and eroded the whole snake house with the milk and then they found the Idol of Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal.

Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal appeared in front of Sage Maarkandeya and King Sibi also Blessed both of them and ordered King Sibi to built a temple to Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal. In Thiruvellarai Temple there is a Pond called PoongKenaru where Sri Pankajavalli Thayar has done severe penance towards Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal and got married to Pundarikaksha Perumal. In the Thiruvellarai temple Karbagrega, the Pundarikaksha Perumal has Prayoga Chakra in his hand which means Perumal is always ready to protect his devotees from the sorrows.

In the Thiruvellarai temple Karbagrega there are 7 Idols, they are Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal with Sridevi and Bhodevi, Indra and Chandra, Aadhisesha and Garuda. In Thiruvellarai Temple there were two Sri Vaishnava acharyas were born One Acharya is Uyyakkondaar (student of Naathamunigal) another One Acharya is EngalAlwan and both were did many Kainkaryams in Srirangam Temple.

In Thiruvellarai Temple, there are two gates to go inside the Perumal Temple one is Dakshinaayana Vasal and another gate is Utharaayana Vasal, these types of gates are only can be seen in few temples in India.

From Tamil month of Thai - Aavani Utharaayana Vasal will be opened to Devotees and From Aadi - Maargali Dakshinaayana Vasal will be opened to Devotees to have the darshan of Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal.

King Sibi has built the whole temple and did so many kainkaryams (Service) with blessings of Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal, Sage Maarkandeya ordered King Sibi to bring 3700 Peoples from his North territory and made them settle their life in Thiruvellarai Temple. One Special ritual is happening to Temple BaliPeeda, archakas will do thirumanjanam to BaliPeeda which is happens only in few temples.

Inbamadhanai uyarththay! * imaiyavarkku enrum ariyay! Kumbak kaliratta kove! * kodungkanjchan nenjchinir kurre! Sempon madhil vellaraiyay! * selvaththinal valar pillay! Kambak kapali kan angkuk * kadidhodik kappida varay !

- PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi, PeriyAzhwar

IndhiranOdu piraman * Isan imaiyavar ellam ! Mandhira mamalarkondu * maraindhuvaray vandhu ninrar! Chandran maligai serum * sadhurargaL vellarai ninray! Andhiyam podhu idhuvAgum * azhagane! kappida varayi!

- PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi, PeriyAzhwar

PeriyAlwar has sung kaapeedal towards Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal to avoid the bad people's vision on Perumal and PeriyAlwar considered him a beautiful child and decided to protect Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal. There were 7 Punya Theertham (Ponds) inside the Thiruvellarai temple. One Special Pond is located in the Thiruvellarai temple called Swastika Theertham which is in the shape of Swastika, the speciality is there are steps on all 4 sides but people who are taking bath on one side will not able to see the people of another side!!!. The swastika is one of the best examples of Indian Architecture.

Sri Pundarikakshaya Namaha:

Sri Pangajavalliye Namaha:

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

Jai Sriman Narayana:


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