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108 DivyaDesam Vishnu Temple History – 03 Uthamar Kovil (Thirukkarambanoor)

Uthamar Perumal kovil is located in Trichy, Tamilandu
Uthamar Kovil Tower - Trichy

Uthamar Kovil is near to Srirangam, Sri Uthamar kovil popularly called Pichandar kovil, but on the divyaprapandhams, Uthamar Kovil is named as Thirukadhambanoor but it was derived as Thirukarambanoor later because this temple Perumal has given darshan to Kadhamba Maharishi (Sage).

Uthamar Kovil has one special and amazing thing in it, The name of the Moolavar idol is Purushothama Perumal and Utsavar idol name is Purushothama Perumal who faced towards in East direction and the Perumal was in Bujanga Shayanam and the Lakshmi Devi idol name is Pooranavalli Thayar, along with there is sub-temples for Saraswathi and Bramha, Parvathi and Shiva in that same temple, this is the one only temple in the world where this three lords with their wives.

Credits: Youtube - Velukkudi Discourses

History Of Uthamar Kovil:

The meaning of Purusoothaman is the man who is richest in character and beauty,
Sri Purushothama Perumal - Uthmar Kovil

Once upon the time Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva they both has five heads in their body, but Lord Shiva didn't like that so, he took off one head from Lord Brahma but Lord Shiva was affected with Brahma Kabaalam and Brahma's head was stuck with Lord Shiva's hand, Lord Shiva searched who gives him curse redemption by offering the stuck head with rice. Sage Naradha suggested the Uthamar Temple for shiva's curse. Lord Shiva came to Uthamar kovil and got Surrender under the feet of Purussoothama Perumal and Pooranavalli Thayar and requested for cruse redemption to him, Poornavalli blessed him and threw a handful of rice to the stuck head, then suddenly the stuck head had vanished from Lord Shiva.

Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu decided to test the Brahma's devotion towards him, So Lord Vishnu changed himself as Kadhammaram (Banana Tree) after so many years of penance and Pooja with Lord Brahma's Kamandala Theertha, Perumal has appeared in front of Lord Bramha and got named as Purusoothama Perumal. Uthamar Perumal also appeared in front of Kadhamba Maharishi (Sage) after so many years of Penance and Pooja.

In the Occasion of Karthigai Festival, Sri Purusoothama Perumal and Lord Shiva will

jointly celebrate the festival and will have purappadu on the streets of Uthamar Kovil this is the very rarest and amazing ritual in the world.

Uthamar Kovil has temple Vriksham (Tree) name is Kadalimaram, Temple Vimana (tower) is Udhyooga Vimanam, there is a village near Uthamar Kovil named as Alwar Pattavarthi where Thirumangai Alwar has stayed and did so many kainkaryams to Srirangam Perumal.

The meaning of Purusoothaman is the man who is richest in character and beauty,
Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi sametha Sri Purushothama Perumal

The meaning of Purusoothaman is the man who is richest in character and beauty, Perumal is the one and only Purusootham for the whole world.

* Peranaik Kurungkudi Emperumanai * Thiruththankal

Uranaik * karambanur uththamanai ** muththilangku

Karar thin kadal ezhum * malai ezhu ivvulagezhu undum *

Aradhenru irundh anaik * kandadhu thennarangkaththe.*

- Periya Thirumozhi, Thirumangai Alwar

Sri Purusoothamaya Namha:

Sri Poornavalliye Namaha:

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

Jai Sriman Narayana:

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