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History of 108 DivyaDesam Vishnu Temple - 06 ThiruPer Nagar (Koviladi Appakudathan) Temple

Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is located in the Koviladi village of Thiruchirapalli District in Tamilnadu. Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is the sixth temple of 108 Divyadesa Vishnu Temples. Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is one of the oldest temples of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is one of the oldest temples of Lord Sri Vishnu. Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is located near the Grand Anaicut of River Kaveri. Sri Appakkudathan Perumal Temple is located near the Bank of River Kaveri and near the Anbil Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple. Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple is one of the Temples of Chola Nadu Divyadesams.

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Appakudathan means - Perumal who carries the Pancake Pot near to him. This temple is also known as Appakudathan, Koviladi, ThirupPer Nagar. Sri Appakudathan Perumal shows his ownership and proprietorship characteristics in this Temple. Sri Appakudathan Perumal shows that he is the owner and proprietor 0f this Universe.

The Moolavar idol name is Sri Appakudathan Perumal and The Utsavar idol name is Appaala Rangan Perumal, Sri Lakshmi idol name is Sri Kamalavalli Thayar. Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple tower is called as Indra Vimanam. Sri Appakudathan Perumal has got poems from Peri Alwar, Nammalwar, Thirumangai Alwar and Thirumazhisai Alwar which has thirty-three total poems from the Alwars.

Kaiyilangku Azhi Sangkan * karumugil Thiruni Raththan * Poyyilan Meyyan Than Thal * Adaivarel Adimai Akkum ** Seyyalar Kamalam Ongku * Serii Pozhil Then Thirupper * Paiyarava Naiyan Namam * Paravi nan Uyndhavare!

History of ThiruPer Nagar Sri Appakudathan Perumal Temple:

Once there lived a King called Abhimanyu. Once King Abhimanyu got cursed by Sage Durvaasa, King Abhimanyu asked Sage Durvaasa for his curse redemption. Sage Durvaasa advised King Abhimanyu to do Annadhaanam daily. King Abhimanyu also obeyed Sage Durvaasa's words and started to do Annadhaanam for a thousand people daily. After a few days, Lord Vishnu decided to give him a curse redemption. The next day morning Lord Vishnu took the shape of a small boy and went to King Abhimanyu's palace.

The small boy requested king Abhimanyu to feed him soon before other people arrive at Annadhaanam. king Abhimanyu also accepted his request and started to feed the small boy, but the small boy had eaten the whole food which was made for a thousand people. King Abhimanyu become astonished but the small boy did not have Appetite and the Small boy asked King Abhimanyu to feed him Appam (Pancake).

King Abhimanyu also prepared him Appam in a pot. But the small boy snatched the Appam Pot and turned into his original shape as Lord Vishnu and gave Seva in Sayana thirukkolam with Aadhisesha and having his hand on the pot and gave curse redemption to King Abhimanyu. Sri Appakudathan Perumal blessed Nammalwar and gave him a boon that Perumal will never leave Nammalawar's heart.

Nammalwar says to devotees that if we surrender our souls to Sri Appakudathan Perumal, He will never leave us and will give Lord Service and give and also help to attain a place in Sri Vaikuntha.

Once Sri Kamalavalli thayar asked Sri Appakudathan Perumal to get her a Paarijadham Flower which is available only in Heaven. Sri Appakudathan Perumal asked Lord Indra to give him a Paarijadham Flower to give as a present to Sri Kamalavalli thayar, But Lord Indra refused Perumal's words and Indra with anger he sent his weapon called Vajrayutha, but Sri Appakudathan Perumal destroyed Vajrayutha and also his arrogance.

Sri Appala Rengane Namaha:

Sri Kamalvalliye Namaha:

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha:

Jai Sriman Narayana:

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