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History of Sri Vaishnava Alvars - Kulasekhara Alvar A Great Devotee of Rama Part - II

Kulasekhara Alvar is a Great King of the Chera Dynasty who follows Sri Vaishnava Philosophy and Kulasekhara Alvar is also one of the twelve Alwars. Kulasekhara Alvar is also called Kulasekhara Perumal this shows the level of devotion that He has to Lord Vishnu.

History Of Kulasekhara Alvar Part - II :

The next day, Kulasekhara Alvar declared his Son as the King of the Chera dynasty and instructed his Ministers to guide his son the Dharma Path, Kulasekhara Alvar left his Kingdom and Renunciated all the things such as Kingdom, Palace, Position, Luxury Life, and his wife and started to move on the direction towards Srirangam... Kulasekhara Alvar arrived at Srirangam Temple, had Dharshan of Sri Renganathaswamy, after visiting the Srirangam temple Kulasekhara Alvar decided to build a Wall for Srirangam Temple and started the work with the blessings of Sri Namerumal and after some months Kulasekhara Alvar finished the construction of the wall, this wall is the 5th wall of Srirangam Temple which is known as Alwar Thiruchuttru.

Kulasekhara Alvar has composed songs on many Divyadesa Perumal and did many services in the Divyadesa and Kulasekhara Alvar worked to spread the Sri Vaishnava samrudhayam around India. Kulasekhara Alvar wrote a Sanskrit hymn book called Mukundamalai in the northern language,

His devotion to Tirumala increased and once Kulasekhara Alvar, faced a problem that Ministers complained against Sri Vaishnavas that they stole the ornament from Perumal, the Kulasekara king was very upset and put a snake in a jug and said, "Paraman Adiyar would never do this, if he did, let the snake bite me." The snake did not bite him.

Āraṅkeṭap Paraṉaṉpar Koḷḷareṉṟu Avarkaḷukkē Vāraṅkoṭu Kuṭappāmpiṟ Kaiyiṭṭavaṉ - Māṟṟalarai Vīraṅkeṭutta Ceṅkōl Kollikāvalaṉ Villavarkōṉ Vēraṉ Kulacēkaraṉ Muṭivēntar Cikāmaṇiyē.

There is historical evidence and references in the Cheikh Purana that Kulasekara Alwar was a renounced devotee. There is also evidence in the songs that volunteer groups roamed the towns during his time.

Of the Alwars, only Kulasekara Alwar is called 'Kulasekara Perumal'. It is because he has so much love and devotion for Sri Rama. In Nalayira Divya Prabhandam Perumal Tirumoli was composed by him, contains 105 hymns. There is a temple dedicated to Alwar in the small town of Tirukulasekarapuram which is located near ThiruvanjikKalam.

Kulasekara Alwar had gone to so many divyadesa and composed songs on the Perumal of that temple, Kulasekara Alwar had did services to Sri Vaishnavas. In the last period of his life, Kulasekara Alwar spent his days in Srirangam and did kainkaryams to Sri Vaishnavas.

So I conclude here that we should always remember the contribution of Alwars and Aachayas to this Sri Vaishnava Samrudhayam.

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